Friday, December 11, 2009


The wind that is. Not only a stiff breeze but some hefty gusts thrown in for good measure. Sunny though!
There were high jinks on turn out this morning, well behaved walking out but cavorting about when released. Bringing them in an hour ago and Moralejo was on two legs (he couldn't decide which two he preferred so we may be in the running for Stricly Come Dancing next series) :-o

I almost didn't work Chapsi because it was so windy but I'm so desperate I did, lol!
He was a bit jumpy going down (the tarp on the leveller was blowing about) but I unhooked him, said a prayer to Epona and off we went.
He was very good, a bit edgy but came back to me every time (even trotted back twice) and backed, walked on, halted, targeted and all the usual. Just twenty minutes but I'm glad I bothered.

Unlikely to do anything tomorrow as I have to be the perfect mother and take out daughter and friends for her birthday treat...think of me friends!

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