Monday, December 7, 2009

On the up

I'm definitely feeling lots better and if it hadn't been for the dire weather I would have worked one of the boys today.
So I have nothing thrilling to report. There has been a good debate going on over at HorseofCourse see here and here regarding trainers and students, so go take a look whilst I'm quiet on here!
It's an interesting thought, just what makes the perfect trainer/student partnership. I think a perfect relationship is actually a chemistry that builds between the two. It has to be based on trust and respect. I worry that some students almost worship their trainers in a weird 'cult' way, not healthy and a place I've been (on the receiving end I would add) and wouldn't want to return to.
Hopefully normal service will resume here soon :-)


Claire said...

it is a good debate, isn't it.. very thought provoking!

glad to here your feeling better!

HorseOfCourse said...

So nice to hear that you are feeling better, Trudi.
Thanks for pointing to the discussion too.
Right now I on my tour de Norvège have arrived at Bergen, through Tromsø - Bodø - Trondheim. Quite the slowtrain but on wings.

trudi said...

Ah Bergen, happy fish eating memories! Lovely quayside market.

My daughter is studying les vikings at the moment. Les scandinavies came from Norvège, Suède etc and laid waste to France. What a different world today.

Happy travelling!

Thanks Claire, it's good to be feeling better.