Wednesday, December 30, 2009

je ne mange pas de cheval/I don't eat horse

Well only once and that was accidental and I was on a school trip to France! I'm not so horrified about folks eating horse (although it doesn't sit well with me) but I am deeply concerned about the way these horses are travelled to slaughter. Hours and hours, days even, without food or water and pregnant mares and those with foals at foot . Sorry it's in french but if you can follow it do sign the petition.


Di said...

I've signed it. I agree, it's not so much that horses are bred for meat, it's the appalling way that they're treated. I can't bear to look at the photos, it's sickening.

SheilaF said...

I followed; I signed. Have signed petition in the UK as well. Ongoing fight it would seem!

Absolutely horrid weather here at the mo - very cold and very wet. Horse pastures just mud now. Seems a real shame to put the horses out, but I know that's just about the only exercise they're getting at the moment. Manege is just a disaster. It is being torn up and done again. Second layer of rubble used contained glass! So that is being 'scraped' off and a new layer put down. We may have a workable surface by 2011!! And that is not a joke! More's the pity.....


S xx