Tuesday, December 29, 2009

and about time too

The weather has been kinder these past few days, today we even had sun and warmth, hooray.
Finally got to play with my new pink bosal (pressie from Lydia) and both Moo and Chapsi seem to be very happy in it. Today I rode in the bosal and in spite of Moo being just a little bit full of himself  it went really well.
Chapsi was a little full on in the school today, we even had an unplanned halt to canter tranny (hehehe) but it's hardly surprising as he's out less, in more and just full of teenager 'beans'.

The neighbouring horse and pone left for pastures new today. I fear for them but can't do anything more, I've fed them hay the past few weeks and we had a nuzzle and a carrot on christmas day. I pray they fare well but I don't have high hopes :-(


HorseOfCourse said...

Aaahhh, PINK bosal!
Picture please?

Maybe you have sent the cold weather over here?
-20 and falling.

Danni said...

Second the need for a photo of the bosal!

Good luck to the horse and pony :( At least you brought a little sunshine to them whilst you could.

Di said...

I hope the horse and pone are safe somewhere. I've seen the snazzy pink bosal, very nice. I think a video is in order!! :-)

allhorsestuff said...

Number 3 for the picture of the pretty pink bosal!
I pray too that the equines get a better home!

Mandeigh said...

errrr Pink??????