Tuesday, August 23, 2011

oh err!!!

Everything's changed! OK so I've been away awhile, heck it's been way too long, but I hardly recognise the place.
We are enjoying a hot spell right now, not so great for the horses but great for lazy days swimming at the lake! It's been a good couple of weeks since I worked the boys and with the school dry as the Sahara (we have a hose ban so can't even water it) today we got back to work in walk!
Moo was a just a star, he has turned into Fidge and just concentrates on the session however long he's been off. We were straight back to relaxing the neck and bending, yielding, rein backing to throughness. My back, which has been a bit dodgy lately, was fine so maybe I just need to ride more, great.
Been thinking lots about Chapiro and I'll try and convey my thoughts tomorrow but he was a good lad too and willing as always.

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Di said...

More riding and more wine, definitely good for a dodgy back! Hope it's better soon x