Wednesday, August 24, 2011

two's company

I can hardly believe my luck, it rained overnight and throughout the morning so the school was perfect to trot without causing a sandstorm. Lydia brought Cacahuéte in with Moo and I and we played with a little pas de deux , after first having a super soft and stretchy trot session; love that Moo. We pootled off down the tracks to the bottom field to cool off.

Chapiro did more relaxed stretching in hand following the the sort of routine I've always used with Moo and it's working well for him too. Chaps has this build up of tension (when he finds things hard) and tries to rush off which in turn causes his human to try to slow him with the hand which is obviously a bad move and becomes a spiral of more and more tension. The moving neck massage is perfect to relax him, I start at the base of the neck near to the withers and then move along with the flat of my hand or fingers releasing each area as we go until we get to the poll, it's amazingly effective and has the added bonus of creating good relaxed bend in the neck.

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