Friday, August 26, 2011

never rains but it....

....pours. The thing about weather is that it all happens at once. That perfect climate of sun drenched days and soft gardeners rain through the night just doesn't exist. So from Sahara to monsoon it was!

Luckily I got a session in with both of them yesterday and did lots of canter transitions with Moo, blinkin' awful but it is getting better and I've a plan so if it works I'll let you know.

Chaps is now 'in school' and we're starting with fly spray. Never in my horsey life have I experienced a horse so terrified of flies. In fact he has no regard for his own safety when a bot fly appears and thus no regard for his human's space either. Not only does he freak at flies but he freaks at fly spray *rolls eyes*. So every day we are having a session with the spray bottle and the clicker and one day we will beat it. Any tips or advice on this would be very gratefully received. After the demonic spray he actually worked very well in-hand and then a quick bareback session so that he doesn't forget where we're heading.

Today? Well today was just a monsoon.

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Di said...

Bloomin awful night too, I was up until 2am worrying about the storm directly overhead. Tried to ride today, but by the time I'd groomed and tacked up (faffed about) it was tipping down!
Difficult one with the spray, Rem doesn't like it, but I just keep doing it and he's coming round.