Monday, August 29, 2011

29th August

Aaarrgggh, yesterday Moo was very tight/sore when I brought him in so we did some moving massage and stretching and a short stretchy lunge session. Today he was slightly easier so more of the same, I'm just hoping it wasn't the canter work that exacerbated it; time will tell.

Chapiro was lunged yesterday and he's getting much fitter, I think he's like Fidge and just retains a certain level of fitness whatever work he's doing/not doing.
Today I rode him and again just concentrated on keeping his neck relaxed so that he stretched out and forwards, I'm really pleased that we've slowed the whole thing down and now he can really balance himself even with me on top. I'm downloading a short clip as I type this and I'm pleased with how his neck looks and his general relaxation (flies aside!!) but I can now see that I can let him use his forwards energy as long as I can direct it to the right place ie more lateral work. I can also see I need to move the strirrups if I'm rising to the trot, on Moo I need them further back but Chaps is more slender and the stability of my lower legs looks pants, makes it look like I had to nag with my legs which I can assure you is a long way from the truth. Lots to work on then but another good day.


Claire said...

one way to get piaffe, LOL. he's looking gooooood!

Di said...

Love it! He looks so relaxed. It's hit and miss for me and Rem in the trot trying to keep him relaxed through the neck.
Hope Moo's ok! x

allhorsestuff said...

LOOK AT HIM! Look at you two.
Nice work. I really hope he gets some relief soon. His fly piaffe was cute!

trudi said...

Thanks all :)
Kacy, good to see you around *waves*

Di said...

Trudi, how's Moo?

trudi said...

Well he's pretty good the last two days Di, I'm just about to write it up on the new post, thanks for asking.