Sunday, May 29, 2011

stum or mum?

Well today is Mother's day here in France and it's been a lovely weekend, friends, food, wine (possibly too much) and gorgeous weather. The hay was cut, baled and barned. Lydia rode Chapiro and he was very good, a little jumpy to begin with but he settled well. Rain is forecast tomorrow, much needed and hope it doesn't pass us by again.
For the first time ever I was told to keep stum today! I am rarely controversial on forums but when I see someone pushing their horse beyond it's capabilities and being praised by others it pains me and I'm fed up with being quiet. Laugh was on me though, not allowed to tell the truth and my post was removed. Thank goodness on Heather's forum we can speak our minds and give horses a voice.


English Rider said...

I don't care who told you to be quiet, that's a fight to the death issue.

Claire said...

lydia is looking good....are you going to lose Chapiro to her in due course? :-)

forums can be very difficult...

Di said...

Lydia and Chapsi, hmmm sounds good, you're going to have to share LOL
So which forum was that then?

allhorsestuff said...

Oh look at that beautiful girl with horse!
Neat to see them.

I think the word "Stum" must be translated here to be **** off! That is too blame bad. Good to speak up for the horses, proud of you!

I got bashed for my inadequite "wording" of how it feels to post without stirrups on someone's blog-in the comments! Too snooty!
Adressing someone in comments on someone else's blog...far out man!

trudi said...

I agree ER!

Claire I fear I already have lost him, every time I work with him I'm thinking will Lydia be able to do this/that when she rides him, lol

AND Di, not much art or natural going on the one I commented on :(

Kacy that is just weird, I always think you're great with words!