Tuesday, May 17, 2011

patter of tiny feet

Well that was my initial thought, that Lydia was up and about at around midnight last night! Ahem no it was ouside and hardly tiny feet but 12 hooves as the three boys came to a halt from galop outside the front door! The boys have not escaped since living here but last night I stupidly forgot to close the gate on the other side of the paddock and by midnight it seems they'd had enough of the gypsy life and came to ask me to sort them out. They were quickly restored to the paddock (thank goodness for an illuminating moon) after being checked over (not one scratch, just Moo and Chaps rather puffed out!).

So this morning we had fairly quiet sessions so that I could check for any stiffness, particularly in Moo.
Chapsi and I did our regular walk down the track, worked on shoulder-in and rein back as he seems much less stressed about leaving the others when he has a job to do. We were out for about 30 minutes and he wasn't really stressed at all.

Moo had a stretchy lunge and he did start off a little stiffly but was fine after some gentle trot work, finished with some in-hand work by which time it was very warm, going to have to start working them even earlier to avoid flies.


Di said...

Glad they were all ok. we've done that before and they've all ended up in the garden!
Flies bothering us today too, it's the first time I've really noticed them - time to get the riding fly spray out!!

allhorsestuff said...

Phew! That was certainly an eventful eve-for horses and humans alike! Thank goodness for the moon too.

Sometimes these things happen, and yours was ended well!

Yes flys, I'm going to get myself one of those"quiet ride"masks this year from"Cashel Co."

Laura said...

Glad everyones ok! Mine have been know to go on adventures and return when the hear the food bins!

trudi said...

Thanks all.

Kacy I did try a riding mask but it our pesky flies somehow still got under it :(

Hi Laura **waves**