Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More of the same with Chapiro doing liberty, bit of bareback/cordeo work, walking out in-hand (whilst working on our S-I and travers on our hills) and generally just getting the little man to chill. Finally he seems to be lots more relaxed and so the last couple of days we've put on the tack, obviously the bitless arrangement still and worked in-hand and yesterday I rode in tack.

A little vid of the in-hand just to show how difficult he finds stepping under, he's really getting this now and compared to earlier in the year it's hugely improved but still has a long way to go. I think taking it slowly has been the only way not to end up with a horse screwed up either mentally, physically or both  this (imho) is why so many poor horses have problems because their physical strengths/weaknesses are totally ignored in the early stages.

Don't look at me in the ridden work  sack of spuds comes to mind but I'm SO pleased that my little 'hos can move about with no more than a voice cue to stop and go and can listen to weight and rein aids but still remain relaxed. Most folks will think I'm mad to be holding back this long but I reckon this summer he'll go from strength to strength.

The trannies are a bit abrupt but this is the first time ever I've ridden them from just voice cues, he's wobbly in the turns but not resistant at all and the big test??? I just didn't want to get off! I did but only to lead him down the track and then ride home. It's put u back where we were when I stopped riding last autumn but this time it's all feeling much better. Onwards and upwards then.


Di said...

You are silly, not a sack of spuds at all! Chaps really does look chilled, I think you're right, he's going to be amazing this summer! x

trudi said...

Thanks Di but I have to ditch the bumbag, it makes me slouch! Think I need a bag for the front of the saddle to put the treats!

Di said...

That's a good idea, I have bits of apple in my pockets, not great when you forget about them only to find a soggy mess the day after!

allhorsestuff said...

So Very COOL! Loved him and his very relaxed and happy eared stance throughout..he has to be pleased with his own personal serenade of the bird voices about the arena!! Oh my...I caught myself breathing deeply and almost snorting out (loved the "good lad" )myself- with those lovely birds I heard around you!

My sissy made a treat pouch that attaches to the D-rings. It's pretty small and holds about 7 sugar cubes. It's rather like a change purse.

Loved this!

trudi said...

Thanks Kacy, clever sis, I just took delivery of one from ebay that easily hooks to either waistband or saddle D, perfect and so hopefully no more slouching!