Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pompadour CDI ***

 Friday morning dawned sunny and so it seemed the perfect opportunity to go to the GP at Pompadour. Some gorgeous neds, well and badly ridden. Notably Amy Stovold for GB and Hayley Beresford of AUS riding her scrummy PSL, did a pretty good job. A Brazilian sitting on the cantle and leaning back so far as to defy gravity and a Frenchie pulling and pushing were the other end of the scale!!
You can find the results here note that 4 of the top six were PRE or PSL (the Spanish are still in the world cup and Nadal won Wimbledon...notice a theme)

Here's pics from Patrick, sorry to those who already saw them on EE

Hayley Beresford and Relampago
 Hayley Beresford Relampago

Head shot of Judy Harvey's horse

pompadour 2010

One of the gorgeous Spaniards

pompadour 2010

A polished German performance

 pompadour 2010


Claire said...

why apologise for putting them up twice? they bear repetition....

i reckon patrick could do well pro photography, very polished!

Di said...

Love the pics especially the last one, gorgeous horses!

bellecroix said...

Hey......I went there too!!! and forgot my camera

English Rider said...

There is a DaVinci-esque quality to the structure of the Spaniards. Well shown!

Danni said...

Great photos! Hope you and yours are well, am slowly catching up but yet to get around to my own blog yet!

Danni x

trudi said...

LOL Di, you would, it's a WB.

Glad you're back Danni, look forward to Q news soon.

SheilaF said...

Interesting new format. Is this change permanent?

trudi said...

Sheila, just found this, no idea why it asked for authentication unless it was because you were posting on an old thread...blogger are always trying to avoid spammers!