Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Gosh time has disappeared again! We're off on our yearly holiday at the week-end and it's always hectic getting everything sorted before our departure. The boys are working in the cool of the morning and on sunday morning Lydia and I hacked out Moo and Peanut Pone, I was filled with trepidation as Moo can be such a twit! However he rose to the occasion and was the perfect Mum's lead horse...only faltering once as we passed through the 'funny' farm which is literally strewn with 'stuff', machines, bags, animals and two friendly human faces peering out of the front door to with us 'bonjour'. At this point he wavered for a second and Lydia sensibly pushed on and Moo took the pone's lead and continued. A good start to the day and one which we'll repeat when back from hols.

I'm still working on 'the seat' out of the saddle as much as in it. I'll formulate my exercise plan whilst away and post it up here when I'm back.


English Rider said...

Your blog looks great and your ride out sounds like fun. Lydia obviously has some good instincts. I love kids who can think for themselves. Of course my independent thinker went on to make quite a few independent decisions as she passed through her teens. I don't know why I was surprised. Hold onto your hat.

Danni said...

Enjoy your holiday!

allhorsestuff said...

Does sound like a nice ride, even with.
Have a fab time away!