Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Impossible 1

For some time now (since Christmas actually) I've been trying to turn my middle aged (yep, I know hard to believe LOL) body around. I've lost 8 kgs of 'soft bits' and have self diagnosed my awful wonkiness. I am aware I can't actually turn the clock back but I am also aware that I have wisdom on my side, surely that has to count for something? I digress, as always!

Now I've kept Moo sound for a year and hope with the correct work he will stay that way (rushes to find some wood). I have begun the ridden work with Chapsi things are going quite well. So now <> it's time to work on me. 

My new saddle arrived last week and now I have it all 'sorted' it's time to get on with things. I'm not sure if it's because of my back that my posture got to be so bad or that the bad posture caused the back to get bad but either way somewhere along the line I lost my seat. Today I took two pics to show where my arse wants to put itself and where it 'can' go when I make it!

My biggest problem is my conformation, I'm stocky in the leg and this means I have strong quads. At pilates classes I was always the one with the tightest quads! The tight quads encourage my pelvis/hips into a naturally 'chair' position rather than the desirable classical hip/heel/ear alignment and if I argue with them it ends up in a hollow back. Couple this with the width of Moo and it seems I have a tough road ahead. Ah well,  I'll take video on Friday when I ride and describe some of my exercises; feel free to throw some thoughts in.

in my 'chair'



allhorsestuff said...

Love the nice new crisp look to your place!

Well, that saddle looks to be really comfy.Makes you sit up too!

I do know about the tight quads..I too have the problem. I constantly have to roll them under and back..but it becomes muscle memory after awhile and easier.
Love your remote camera!

Di said...

I think you're just boasting about your extra strong muscles! You're position is pretty good anyway - hacking out every day will fix it! :-))

Claire said...

you may end up buying a hipsaver, for a barefoot on moo....

or it may be, of course, you always had an underlying imbalance (i think most of us do) that anno domini is bringing to the fore?

i know my right hip is well off from my left, and is more and more noticeable than it ever used to be...

Danni said...

Sounds like we have similar issues, I have some pretty extreme photos of my position at it's worst! Should dig them out and post them.

Very glad you have two sound ponies :) although when the spotlight turns to the rider's soundness, the frustrations are tenfold!