Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Catching up on the boys now. Both started work again on Monday, Moo was a little stiff coming in (I think he always will be without the regular work) so we started with some massage and stretching and then in to the school for some in-hand and a lunge. I didn't push him too much and just concentrated on getting him relaxed and working through. Yesterday it was so hot when I got chance to work him that we settled for massage and stretching and then today in-hand and lunging; he worked really hard on the lunge and gave me some pretty good canter work so I reckon he's worked through his stiffness OK. I'll probably sit on him bareback tomorrow as my saddle is currently being replaced (I hope) due to a slight problem (I'll explain when it's resolved).

Chapsi worked at liberty and then on the lunge on Monday and was a good lad, I've decided to go back and cement in the earlier work as I still can't do much riding down to the saddle issue. Yesterday we had some spook busting...bags and boxes with rustling and shaking, used clicker and he was good. Then we went up the lane for a walk and took lots of stops to just chill and get him used to not rushing. Today I rode him in the school and he was very forward, LOL, usually he's so calm but not today, he managed not to be daft though so all in all not bad.

I'm still working on me! I bought a replacement gym ball yesterday (last one had a fatal meeting with the log burner) and I'm really trying to open the old hips and stretch everything. My right shoulder is a bit 'stuck' at the moment but I'm working on that too....broken horses and broken humans; what a life!

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