Wednesday, June 30, 2010

second gift

My second gift (trade off with Patrick who has had new camera gear) arrived today; the Lexington (remember I tried Di's) is a treeless, yet another venture into the dark for me.

I've been thinking about all the new information I've been processing these last months and wondering if it's all been a positive experience? I sometimes wonder why one would want to change at such a ripe age and if indeed it is possible to change? I think I can and have changed in many ways but I think I've given up some confidence to pay for it. I don't mean confidence to ride fast, get on nut case neds etc.because  to be honest I've never had that sort of confidence; I mean the confidence to know where I'm going and what I'm doing. It's a hard path I think I'm taking because I'm not sure that it will take me anywhere; I'm not after sympathy because after all it is MY choice.

Ah well the next stage is set, the saddle is prepared and tomorrow we'll begin.


SheilaF said...

New Laptop; new saddle; new look Blog; where will it all end? Back doing SERIOUS stuff with neds! They've had their time off so now they start to earn their keep. Back to basics on the lunge just to get them going and next week we start proper training again. New school, new start (again!), new trainer, new ideas..... so on and so forth!

Di said...

Be confident - you have every reason to be!! :-)

trudi said...

Thanks Di!

Sheila, new trainer!!!??? Tell girl!