Tuesday, July 28, 2009

yay, back online

Well the holiday's over, the Languedoc Rousillon was it's usual sunny self and this time we ventured just into Spain to Port Bou and it's supermecado stocked with our favourite Faustino vino tinto...yum. So now I'm relaxed and ready to deal with horses, family and life for the next year.

Just before hols we had a lovely day, Claire and Allison arrived the day before and Di came over for lunch and playing pones. Sadly Moralejo had other ideas and hobbled in on 3 legs and a hop. To say I was stressed is probably the understatement of the century, lol. I won't bore you with the details but basically I left for hols with a horse on bute, only marginally less lame than the day before and one hundred, or more, thoughts doing my head in. Well we had various texts and chats between Claire, Di and I and I decided to avoid the horrors of travelling Moo to the specialist horse vets in Pompadour and instead went for some manipulation with Di's new found masseuse Lucinda and it was well worth the trouble. It seems that Moo has put out his wither and probably something behind too and so we will be having an osteo visit and exercises/massage and ridden/lunging therapy too.
I am just so glad that I had Claire at home to keep everything ticking along and updating me and also glad for Di's offer of taking him to Pompadour to the vets....thanks guys.

Well this entry is already long enough but I want to end on a positive note. I rode Moo very briefly on Sunday afternoon (in Claire's Heather Moffett saddle!!) and he was still a little stiff in walk and decidedly short in trot. Yesterday we lunged and it was almost imperceptible and today I rode again; lots of stretching and he was such a good man and about 95% so I think we may be doing the right thing.


HorseOfCourse said...

Every horse owner is afraid to get the horse injured when away, I believe.
How lucky you are to have good friends close to help, and ease your mind!

Claire said...

i would think that keeping him going is probably the better plan (we should have thought of that, i could have lunged him at least!) not that he would have wanted to at the start of the week, and we wouldn't have wanted to inflict it on him, but still an all... it's so difficult to know, isn't it!

Danni said...

What a headache to have a lame horse as you are away on holiday, always the way! Glad to hear Moo is much better, it's wonderful to have great friends you can rely on :)

Anonymous said...

Glad that all worked out and he is feeling better!