Sunday, July 5, 2009


Oh well it's not quite as bad as the mis-spelled *scream* might suggest but following on from yesterday, with my patience at an all time low, it was just too much for me when MIL tried to amputate her leg. Screaming for my husband when one is in panic mode is NEVER advisable but after 47 years I guess she still doesn't *know* her son, lol. So I instantly knew it was me who had to run and rescue her, even though I had my jods, mid change, round my knees.
'Stopping panicking' I'm barking as I try to tackle the stairs, hampered somewhat (as one would be in a sack race) by my still half mast jods.
Cutting a tediously long story short she has gouged a lump out of her shin, she will die from the blood loss (hasn't yet) because she takes warfarin for one of her myriad of complaints and will end up needing antibiotics for the infection that she knows will set in.
Enough said, my bad karma has already come around and if I get more in return for this posting then tomorrow may be a very bad day.

On a good note...had a chance, finally, to ride Moo and he was great. I'm not in the mood to expand much but I'm finding that a stroke on the neck with the inside rein is a great *bitless* aid and I had some good trot work as a result, plus some good improvement in the lateral work.

Also had a *dust-free* ride today; no, the promised rain didn't materialise but my watering system did. I now have a tap on the side of the school and can place my waterer (spray system stuck into a bucket and then sat inside a tyre for stability) in three spots to cover the whole school. Result!! Tap will be good for Claire too when we are away as it's right next to the diddymen's paddock, result number two.


Claire said...

excellent news on the watering, shame about the MIL.... when does she go home?

Kate said...

You poor thing! MIL sounds a . . . well, I won't use that word about an older lady, but she deserves it - nice that you were able to get in a good ride!

Di said...

I know I shouldn't laugh, but that was so funny!! Sorry.
Any sign of her leaving or will the amputated leg delay her departure?

Di said...

Oh, yes, the watering system. Is it a complicated affair, because I could do with one for my school, the problem is that it's away from the house!!