Monday, July 6, 2009


Weather that is! Much cooler and less humid, minor shower but any rain is welcome.
Just about to tack up after the rain shower (instant dust supression) and Lydia runs in the yard as if the house were on fire. She HAD to get to her friends house to play; I resisted the urge to say *ask dad* as he was plumbing in the new dishwasher. Put Moo away and took her up the road to her friend's place.
By the time I got on board the shower had pretty much dried but the dust wasn't too bad. Still playing with the lateral work, moving the shoulders/quarters about and generally enjoying ourselves. I captured all the walk but no trot as I just left the video running from the start, oh well at least i have vid. Trot next time. I really have to crack the outside control, it feels/looks almost there but it's where I loose him every time.
Good news!! We bought a Ripoffair ticket for Wednesday :-)


Claire said...

looking good.

which airport for ripoffair? limoges or bergerac?

HorseOfCourse said...

Hi Trude!
Just found your nice blog.
I see that you are riding bitless.
My horse had a tooth problem just before the summer, so I had to fin a bitless alternative and tried several alternatives.
I was looking for a solution close to the snaffle, where you both can get good lateral signals through and also a good release.
What worked best for us was a sidepull. Have you tried it?
I felt it was easier to get more precise signals through than with a hackamore.
Of course, it varies from horse to horse what works best, but just an input if you want to try an alternative.

trudi said...

Limoges Claire and she has gone!! In spite of a bout of *nausea* yesterday. Hope she gets home OK.

Thanks HorseofCourse, I will certainly try different bridles if I stick to bitless, lol, the jury is still out at the moment. I'm actually amazed at how you can use the reins as aids (touching the neck say) and he will certainly flex laterally in the hackamore. I shall go read your blog now!