Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bastille Day

Lovely day today, cool start after a wet stormy night which was really needed. Put the finishing touches to the new *family* kitchen/living space and also had time for a natter on the 'phone to Claire, she'll be here very soon.
Moo was worked in hand in the head collar and he was a star, I'm going to play more with this after hols but I can get a decent shoulder-in/counter shoulder-in on a head collar with good inside flexion and really great, unhurried steps. Maybe I'm a convert to this bitless thing.
Tonight we went into our village of Jumilhac le Grand as it was Bastille day. Cheap bar, friends, live music and a fantastic display of feu d'artifice (fire works) which for a small commune like ours is pretty impressive. Perfect end to the day.


Kate said...

Happy Bastille Day!

Claire said...

clean forgot about bastille day, doh.