Sunday, December 28, 2008

moving 'pics...maybe

OK well it was a gorgeous day again, cold and bright so work for Moralejo in the school and cantering on tracks for mini-me and Cacahuète. With my very able photographer busy cutting wood for the next two months I attempted a few frames myself.....'fraid it's not really very good as the minute I let my body language drop then he comes in to see what I'm doing, lol.


Claire said...

Has he got lighter since last summer?

I always find it technically interesting to try and video whilst lunging - sometimes works, sometimes doesn't!

I'm also finding it interesting wrestling with blogger in French, LOL

trudi said...

Sorry Claire, I'll try and get it up in English!!

Yes he is lighter this time of year and with the passing of the years he'll be ever lighter.

epona said...

Oh he's gorgeous!!!