Monday, December 29, 2008

a little history

OK, whilst I don't imagine the world will be reading this, it may be helpful to those who do find it to know a little about us.
I live in SW France in the Dordogne area of the Aquitaine region. I have lived here with my husband and daughter for 6 years along with our horses and dogs.
I had until a few weeks ago, three PRE's and a scruffy french pone. In an attempt to spend more time training and less time feeling guilty for not working them all I have sadly parted with Fidget my white grey. I miss him lots but he has gone to a fantastic home and I hope will teach his new *mum* as much as he taught me.
So now I am left with Moralejo, a 12 yo PRE and Chapiro (known as the Midget) a 3 yo PRE. I hope on here to regularly write up my training with these two horses...triumphs and disasters alike.
Pics of Fidge above when he was still here.

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