Wednesday, December 31, 2008

last day of the year

Hey I have two *followers* thanks Vicky and Claire. Busy day today but managed to find half an hour for Moo. Vids show the massage, realease into the hand that I spoke of yesterday; a bit difficult on my own to capture on film so two separate vids showing the massage hand and the bit hand. Interestingly but not surprisingly he takes longer to release on the right side. Finally vid of the *down* after the massage.

Rode with one hand and no stirrups practising halts and turning, as much for me as him :-) he was a good boy.


Claire said...

that worked then! excellent.

trudi said...

well yes and no. I went through all your excellent advice and it still wouldn't show comments but I wonder if there's a problem with the updating at the mo. So, I found I can enable comments on a per message basis via my tableau de bord. So problem solved. Thanks Claire

Claire said...

how odd! amybe it's because you're on french blogger? and i see you have another follower!