Tuesday, December 30, 2008

and there's more

'pics from autumn training, not today.
Well I don't intend making twice daily postings but this will get me up to date and then I can just make additions when I have something worth reporting.

I rode Moralejo in the manège after some prep work in the stable; mainly massaging the muscle behind the poll (splenius) to release it's tension. Today, as often, it was tight on the left side so I used my right hand to work it and my left hand on the front of his face to feel when it was letting go. I also find that if I just let the bit ring rest on my index finger and take a flexion to the left whilst massaging behind the poll I also get a better release. This muscle allows for stretching and bend/flexion in the neck; hardly surprising then that he finds bending to the right quite difficult and that he naturally comes back behind the hand rather than stretching forwards and down. I find after the massage that placing my hand over and cupping his poll I can get him to lower his head with no weight or pressure...I love doing that, it's like magic, lol.

Quick lunge before getting on, basically walk and trot and changing the rein after every circle; made easy by only ever lunging from a headcollar or centre ring on the cavesson.

Ridden work was great in walk, he has slowed his rhythm beyond what I thought he would and although he occasionally looses the rhythm he now carries himself away from my hands and works nicely in LY, S-in etc. good stretching down too.

The trot is great for the first ten strides but then he speeds up and we have to re-balance...just as we were in walk so hopefully it won't be long before the trot slows and balances.