Saturday, December 27, 2008

mmmm technology

Worryingly I've only just worked out how to update this. Oh well, better late than never and it has been Christmas!! Here is Moralejo having field fun today. More serious writing may follow tomorrow; as long as I remember how to.


Claire said...

Hello Trudi! good to see you on here! it does make a wonderful diary, and interactive if others comment helpfully (which people usually do on mine!)

Did you ever decide on a "short" name for Moralejo?

trudi said...

Hey, trust you to find me so quick mrs *bug* queen!! Well, I'm hoping it makes me write up my work because I've always done it longhand in great big exercise books and it's hard to access later when you want to look back.

I usually call him Moo but he gets Mojo from Patrick and Morry from Lydia.