Wednesday, May 5, 2010

snow in may

Well after a day of cats and dogs rain, 2 hours of snow (when it hit the 0 degree mark) and a wild wind, I decided to get them in tonight. They had other plans. Chapsi was a darling and came straight over but the others looked at Lydia and I and peed off in the opposite direction. After a failed first attempt (had to go and warm up my hands as they had lost all their blood) Patrick and I managed to get Moo and Chapsi but we had to let the pone wander up to the yard on his own...cheeky bugger did not want to be handled. They are now all munching hay and Patrick will probably sleep better tonight! Just hope this awful cold goes soon, I just want to play with my pones.


Claire said...

ooer ... i'll shut up whinging, then! that's ridiculous for where you are at this time of year!

i gather P didn't come help, though?

trudi said...

Yes he helped the second time as he was still sanding a ceiling when I first tried.

Yes, you're right Claire blinking ridiculous for May...what global warming, lol.