Thursday, May 6, 2010

I'm not sure the boys actually appreciated their night in but at least I got some sleep. This morning I put them out at 6.30 and they got into some serious munching. I wish the grass would stop growing, it's so hard to keep them out without them getting overweight.
This afternoon I got them in to work as the temperature had climbed to a...drum roll....10 degrees!! The sun even popped out, wow!
I rode Moo and he went well, a little heavy on the front end in the trot work, he likes the forward, down, out  but loses his balance and gradually speeds up so I tried to lift a rein and take his balance back each time I felt him go. Not a bad session considering how little we've done lately.
Chapsi did some in hand work and finished with some lunging. Good trannies again and he really listens. They're back out tonight.

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Claire said...

well if you don't want your grass...