Monday, May 31, 2010

Kiss me Quick

Well as Mandeigh so kindly suggested more 'photos, here we go.I'm afraid they're not great quality but I took them with my video camera.

Give us a kiss............ 

and more serious pose with Chapsi....

That was a few days ago before the perma-rain, it doesn't really seem to have stopped for about 48 hours now. Imagine then, Chapiro's shock when I lead him down for a lunge....he was a really good boy and is circling away well on both reins with good transitions (not yet with lots of activity but very obedient to my voice which is a good place to start) between halt/walk and trot. We work a little rein back into the proceedings too and today we chucked a couple of poles down and lunged over those too; it's a good way to check my directing skills. We had some great stretching down moments (that's where we're headed next) but I think that could have had something to do with rain avoidance LOL.
If it's dry tomorrow I'll be on board again, we have walking on sussed now (it isn't easy all on your own) and halt and back but I'll explain more tomorrow.
Moo got off with a massage as the rain had become decidedly heavy when I finished Chapsi.


allhorsestuff said...

Cute Pics!
Yea, we too are having "Perma rain" doses! sick of it...but at least it is NOT cold.
Well, the stretch was nice huh...even if avoiding raindrops! Ha!

bellecroix said...

Aaaaaw how soppy are you!!

Danni said...


We've had a beautiful day today, will try and send our now-fairer weather Francewards!

I can't remember, have you done all of Chapsi's backing solo? It's hard enough work with a ground helper!

allhorsestuff said...

No...I have not done the write up all he way on the NURTURAL Bitless Bridle yet... just trying it out. Have a Dr. cooks too...but the prob is the reins slide and the connection Becomes uneven.
What do you use?
I just put my "shaddow roll" on my bitless- like you have on yours.

Hope you are well..we are still having the- what you have deemed-"perma rains"
SICKKKKKKKKK of ittttttttt!