Sunday, May 2, 2010

holiday week

Well it's been a week of trying to fit the horses' work around family life. Lydia is on school hols and we have MIL to entertain.
I had an interesting experience with Chapsi and he proved that he hasn't checked out of his energetic little self entirely. We were headed for the school and stopped for a touch session on the tractor as it was parked by the fence; he was good as gold but on walking on again he managed to flick his tail over a small rose bush in the fence line and swished it's prickles onto his back leg. OMG can he fly and buck :-O
He took himself off down the hill to stand at the bottom of the small paddock and looked rather upset, poor boy, no damage to him or the tack and he walked back to the school like a lamb, bless. We then worked in-hand and he eventually relaxed and we ended on a good note.
Moo worked well yesterday and his ridden trot work is almost staying as calm as the walk, he will stretch down and change rein on a long rein, swapping the bend beautifully. Chapiro lunged beautifully; good changes of rein, trannies and stretching and Lydia ASKED for a lesson on the lunge??? Has the world gone mad? My 9yo wanting a lunge lesson. Of course she insisted it was bareback so I insisted she had a cordeo to hold on to not the reins...that pone is a star and Lydia too. Today will be the last supper...MIL off tomorrow and Lydia back to school so I can get back to work proper.


Danni said...

Poor Chapsi! Glad he's none the worse for wear, and Moo sounds like the perfect lunge horse ;)

Not sounding like much of a holiday for you though!

Di said...

Glad you're both ok.
It's a pity that pone's not 15hands, I'd love (hmmm, not sure that's the right word) a lunge lesson!

Claire said...

lunge lesson? whatever next! LOL

Poor chapsi and the thorns... and least one didn't stick in! chap across the way from us had his mare's leg all bandaged up, thorn got in it ..

bellecroix said...

Are small rose bushes a new training aid.....where can I buy one;-)

trudi said...

Bev, I shall be tying a rose branch to my whip for piaffe training!!

Di, I'll happily torture you on the lunge ;-)

SheilaF said...

Reference 'last supper' gave me a giggle! Happy decorating, Trudi!