Friday, February 12, 2010


Yesterday I caught up with a blogger who was having a blogging dilemma, should they continue or not? I'm afraid I couldn't think of anything uplifting to say nor offer any pearls of wisdom but it did rattle my cage a little.

Why do I blog? Well I started because it seemed (from Claire/Molly's experience) to be a posititve experience and I wanted to keep my training notes in better order. After just over a year it has been exactly what I wanted; a complete year to look back on and smile/grimace at hehehe!! I post my pics and vids, not as a 'wow I'm so great' but as a reminder of where we've been and hopefully a spur to urge me on to better things.
I don't crave 'recognition' but I love to hear a word from friends/regulars who 'know' me even if only in the www sense!

Yesterday I was surprised to see my feed record showing multi visits from a UK forum, digging a little I found they were discussing a video and posting that I made last year. No problem, I put it there in the public domain, feel free to discuss. However when I read a Parelli fan deciding that giravolta is the same as one of the parelli game1 exercises I feel my fingers start to tingle and have had to resist the urge to point out this is not the case. So it is a big responsibility to be honest and true in our postings (I really do try to be) but at the end of the day I can't change the world and I have to accept that.
Ha so there, see I said it, I want to change the world...well no I'm too damned lazy; I'll stick to playing with my pones and enjoying what that brings...someone else can go change the world, good luck to them.


HorseOfCourse said...

I started to blog "by accident".
I have made new friends, and gotten new ideas and input.
And all over the world too! Isn't it a marvellous thing?

As you are one of them, I very much would like you to keep blogging.
Thanks for your sharing your ideas, Trudi! It makes me think too, you know.

allhorsestuff said...

Seems that a few and you too now, are looking deeper into Why BLOG.
Mine is pure enjoyment...the photo's the laughs, the trials we in it's hayday! I have fun..and sometimes meet such special people, like you. Your honesty and humor are gems!
I love to visit ya Trudi~

Claire said...

well, you'll have labelled that AS giravolta .. so nothing you can do if they want to say it's something totally different!

it's interesting occasionally to see who's reading and where they've come from.

i still enjoy my blogging - shame i've had nowt to report for a while, but spring is coming, we hope!

Jim Wright said...

Don't see why it should be a problem, blog if you feel like it, don't if you don't. I think you should always give free rein to tingling fingers Trudi. Give 'em hell girl!!

trudi said...

Oh I didn't mean to suggest I might not blog, ha, you don't get away from me that easily. More that it seems such a responsibility not to eff it up by spouting rubbish (I probably do this on a regular basis). Jim DO NOT tempt me xxx

epona said...

I enjoy keeping a record of my progress it is both inspiring and humbling in equal doses and I need both at times hahahaha!
The trouble is its SO difficult to describe a feeling and that is predominately what we are trying to do - so there is room for a lot of mis-interpretation! and also room for a lot of presumed understanding when you actually DONT understand but dont realise it until you do! But I still like to blog and to order my thoughts and to review my progress. And I do love to read and learn from the journey of others :o)