Wednesday, February 10, 2010


It's been another cold crisp day without the threatened snow (well until about an hour ago and we've now had a couple of cm) and being a Wednesday (Lydia has no school) we decided to get into Limoges and buy the blinds/curtains for the newly finished guest accomodation. Aaarrgghh shopping with a fella is never good but with a nine year old added into the equation it is downright frustrating. Enough said we now have new blinds and curtains to hang.

It was late by the time I got to work Moo but he was a very good boy. I'm trying to not treat him to delicately; I've taken it gently since he's been back into work but I think it's time to stretch him (literally as well) by asking a little more. Yesterday I rode him, just in walk, and he tried really hard and we had some brief moments of nice work. Today I worked him on the lunge working with lots of inside flexion and encouraging him to bring the inside hind up and through a little more (by touching with the whip). We finished with some canter trannies...yay on the left, still a bit 'stuck' on the right. Back to the yard and he did his hindlegs stretches better than ever. Guess it'll be back to working in the snow tomorrow.

note to self...write next section for other blog by end of week-end


Di said...

I'm sitting here looking out at the snow, how depressing!
What about cavaletti for Moo? Do you think it would help?

trudi said...

in time I will yep, in fact I already do my pyramid of poles in walk and that definitely helps. I really need 'im indoors to make me some big chunky lumps to walk over...they really help the hinds lift up and through.

Danni said...

Polework and stretches are great, my physio's just given us a bunch more homework to do. Hope you didn't get too much more snow.

trudi said...

Not too much Danni just bloody cold. Oh how did the physio go and did you finally get the vet visit? I'll go check your blog. Any ideas for stretches gratefully received.

Danni said...

Physio went great. She found the same sore spot on his back that the massage therapist pointed out. Not sure if it's me or the treeless yet...still have to reschedule the vet but I can't trot up right now anyway!

Back on topic, I guess stretches depend on what Moo needs help with. Celia Cohen's 'Stretchy Horses' DVD is a must! Obviously I'm not a physio but I can easily explain what we have been shown for similar issues :)