Saturday, February 6, 2010

action vs reaction

Listening to the radio this morning I heard that it has recently been proven that instinct has the quick draw over pre-planning. In other words the guy who thinks about drawing his gun outside the OK corral will be 1/50 second slower to comply with his thoughts than the guy he's shooting at; the instinct of the guy being shot at being 1/50 of a second quicker to respond than the guy planning the attack. Reaction is faster than action in other words. Riding is reactive, you are always reacting to your horse and often without realising it.


allhorsestuff said...

Funny you should write about his today. Yesterday i was trail riding in not so favorite of conditions for me or my mare..but unless we trailer is what I have.
I have noticed in the past she rushed the slippery hills and if I try to slow her down she gets way worse...I also noticed that if I use my bitless bridle, she relaxes somewhat.
I have deduced- saddle fit issues and also her not wanting to get hit in the mouth by my "reactions to speed".I fixed the saddle fit issues, yet the other remains.

Yesterday...I made the plan to not react(since I knew when the problems could be coming) I put my hand on her wither...when she sped up considerable so..I waited, and it was difficult to do. Surprisingly and happily..she stayed walking this time!
This will have to become a muscle memory preplanned line of action for me! A trust thing between us!!
Now to change other behaviors- that seem obvious to my body- to do!


Claire said...

i think that's probably right....thanks for that!