Tuesday, February 23, 2010


...the weather (spot the theme bloggers)
I managed to work both in the dry today. Nothing spectacular just in-hand and lunge stuff but I'm very impressed that I dodged the violent hail storm this afternoon, hehehe.

Here's the boys for reference puproses...Moo still bending and stretching and Chapsi trying not to be distracted by scary man in the woods.


Di said...

You've been busy. Moo's looking very relaxed on this vid and Chapiro looks very grown up. Keep posting the vids girl, I'm gonna nick all your ideas for Rem!!! :-)

Claire said...

has moo lightened a shade as well? or am i seeing things?

Di said...

Nah, he's just got his beige coat on!!! hehe

trudi said...

The chhek of it Di!! I think it was just the sun being out Claire.

Danni said...

They look fab, lucky you to sneak a break in the weather :)

HorseOfCourse said...

It is GREEN outside.
I have a distant memory of something like that.
And SUN. And you are just working in a PULLOVER.

Life is too unfair.
At least you got a hail storm *smirks*

Horses are looking good!

trudi said...

yep HofC and now we get the storms *sigh* but the sun was nice while it lasted.