Wednesday, November 18, 2009

twinkle toes

Gareth the trimmer came by today, all the boys are doing well but I'm especially pleased that Chapsi (after just four trims) is pretty much back to where he would have been without my ex-farrier's rubbish trimming :-(  he now has tight white lines and has lost the nasty flares :-)
It's always lots of chat and some trimming and Gareth really is a source of great info regarding lots of equine matters. He's a good listener too and I answered some of my own questions literally by airing my thoughts.
Moo is going to be a longer job because he had been badly trimmed for much longer but he is on the road and doing well.
I am so stupid not to have taken some 'photos right at the start, doh, so you'll just have to take my word for it. I may post some of them now just as a reference for me.
It was too late to work them after we had finished but they all went out to eat grass, soak up the sun and get INCREDIBLY filthy rolling, bless 'um.


Claire said...

very time i read "chapsi", whilst I know you're referring to Chapiro, i think of maria manuel....

not that inappropriate, since she does like greys

Danni said...

I've met Gareth once when I was visiting Jane C, very switched on and easy to talk to about all sorts of horsey topics :) Pleased to hear your boys' feet are doing so much better.

And it must be something about greys and rolling, they always seem so much dirtier than other horses!

SheilaF said...

Grooming can be a very relaxing exercise. And good muscle toning for the horses (and riders!). LOL
Have fun!

Di said...

Gareth came over here after he left you Trudi, he was here until 5.30pm!
He is good to talk with, lots of enthusiasm. We were talking about bitless, which was interesting, said he'd send a link for the bridle he uses. I presume he'll be sending the link to you too!!