Thursday, November 19, 2009


Sunshine always makes things feel good. Today was sunny. Not just sunny but warm with hardly a breath of wind to give you any idea that winter is on it's way. Eighteen degrees at four o'clock is hardly seasonal for November. Today was just one of those 'bonus' days curtesy of the universe; thank you universe.

Started work early and worked all three. Moo first, worked in-hand with lots of stretching and opening up with shoulder yields etc. and by the end he seemed to be loose and showing no stiffness. We'll try riding tomorrow and see if he really is feeling less tight.

The pony's box comes next so he works next. He is so amenable is Peanut. He is also the cleanest equine on the planet with regards to his box. I wish he could share his secret with the others! Peanut started in-hand; we're on the very basics...halt, walk on by myself (him not me that is) and moving away from me ie the very beginnings of giravolta/moving turn on the forehand. He isn't a super star andnever will be but boy does he try. Finished on the lunge and I'm thinking that he MAY stretch down one day. I'm also thinking that he's almost good enough to be able to lunge Looby on him soon.

Last up was Chapsi (maybe I should write that as Chapsy Claire, hehe I hadn't thought of Maria's EE name). For the first time yet the boy chose not to play to start with. As usual we started loose and he just took himself off to play ALONE. In the past I think this would have upset me, enough perhaps to have gone and hooked him up to, at the very least, the cordeo. I'm not impatient, or at least I don't think I am, but I just know that I couldn't have coped as well as I did today. I think my horses are having a very positive effect on me :-)
I got out some cones and made us an area of influence. We had some poles to target and walk over and a couple of cones to target and bend around. Of course he could walk away whenever (and he did a couple of times) but after ten minutes he was quite intent on playing together. I think clicker helped me out big time because of his desire to please (and of course get his treat); I'm not sure if I'm relying on it too much but by the end of our session the reward of him walk/trot/walking on a circle at liberty around me was worth the risk.


Di said...

I'd like to see you working with chapiro, Trudi. I haven't yet dared to let Remy off the line in the school. I'm worried he'll go bananas.

Anonymous said...

Really nice stuff - good sessions with all three. I also don't let Dawn off the line - she's doing well at paying attention but that might be too much of a challenge at this point - or perhaps I'm just being a wimp!

bellecroix said...

OH I do admire you working three horses how do you stay so focused, no wonder you are blogging at midnight ;-)

HorseOfCourse said...

18 degrees??
Lalala *put fingers in my ears* lalala, can't hear you....

We're drowning.
Haven't seen the sun for ages.
I am actually looking forward to get some snow now.

trudi said...

You don't need an invite Di, come over. It's not very exciting but he'smy babe.
Kate, you'll know when the times right, you're not being a wimp.
So Bev, you offering to do one or two for me ;-)
Sorry about the pants northern weather HofC, may you have snow soon.