Saturday, November 21, 2009

the lazy mare took the stairs

OK I finally went uspstairs and did the youtube bit with the other vid from yesterday. He disappears three times out of the area of influence. The first time I handled it badly, I instinctively followed him out and brought him back, still at liberty, but not right. The second and third times I stayed put and he chose to come back; this is what should happen but I guess we're all human. AND just because I know Di will ask me WHY I have to let him come back...well it's about choices. He has the choice to stay or not and in time I'm hoping he'll stay always. It also gives him a chance to say 'I'm bored' or 'I'm peeved' and his deaf trainer may get the point!!
I'm still carrying the whip for the trot transitions, the physical cue to go forwards being to touch the sweet spot where one day my leg will be. I think this will go next week as he is requiring very little more than voice at the moment.


SheilaF said...

I really like watching this traiing. Not so different to how we're training the dogs. And of course my neds like the treat system as well, although I've had some say it isn't a good idea. Treating works for me and I'll stick with it.

Looking forward to more. These vids really put your words into context. Thanks!

S xx

Di said...

You're getting great communication with him Trudi. I get the choices bit, It's kind of what I do with Anky both when I'm riding and ground work in the scool,I make the request and let her choose to answer, hopefully in the way that I want. I feel that I've got good communication with Rem and he's fairly focussed on me, but we have a way to go and your vids have given me the inspiration to do more. Thanks.