Sunday, November 15, 2009

bloggin' along with the chook man

I'm logged into the Klaus (anti-rollkur) broadcast as I type so I'm truly multi-tasking. I'm surprised at his common sense, in a good way mind you.
'Horses are a mirror of how society is at that moment in time' couldn't agree more Klaus! The loser is the dignity of the horse...he has so many sound bites.Oh and did he mention his new book out in the new year? You bet ;-)
Oh dear we have disappeared a bit down the chook man's own agenda road :-(  I may have to log off if he continues to tell me how good he is.

On a more mundane note, Chapsi and I took another walk today EVEN though it was raining, lol. We went further today, up to the old school and back, meeting a car en route which was a first. Silly b*gger (driver not my pone) kept driving towards this mad, hi-viz clad Engleesh bird in spite of her being in the middle of the tiniest lane. ARRRGGGHHH. Oh that feels better. So I raised my hand to indicate that it would please me if he stopped and he finally did. There was barely space to pass but the boy just calmly walked on as if he had done it many times. He was a bit excited on the road home, not impossibly so and we stopped and clicked a few times and he calmed himself.
Back home we put a saddle on and loosely did the girth up, he was a bit twitchy but focussed on his clicks and coped brilliantly. A good day.
I should maybe mention our situation here. We have absolutely zero passing traffic and hardly a thing changes in the horses lives from day to day, this is going to make it tricky as I start traffic proofing and experience building. The positives of living somewhere like this though, for me, far outweigh the negatives.


SheilaF said...

In one way you're lucky re the traffic situation. We encounter ALL sorts of vehicles (huge and not so huge) and drivers (considerate and not so considerate). C-G and I are 'nanny-ing' a young pony at the moment. Trying to get out in all weathers, tho did give yesterday a big miss - gale force winds and lashings of rain not a good idea with a baby. Good luck, glad you wear hi-viz. One of my pet hates is riders who don't say thanks and don't wear hi-viz! S xx

Di said...

It's bugging me, please remind me again why the chook man?
Sounds like Chapiro's being a very good boy, i'm very impressed that you went out in the rain!

Di said...
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Claire said...

well, you do get the odd tractor i suppose ...

don't think there's a lot you can do , but on the other hand even the bigger roads are no way as busy as ours .... which i suppose means he won't be flooded with too much experience at once!

trudi said...

KFC/KFH Kentucky fried Klaus!

Ah Sheila, happy days; I recall C-G being a superstar out hacking when he stayed with us...he was only a babe then but was a total sweetie, give him a hug for me!

HorseOfCourse said...

Good boy Chapiro!
A road with moderate traffic can be handy when training a young horse.
To be interpreted: when you have the nuisance (like I do) you can just as well try and find something positive in it. Hehum.

How was the interview?

And what do you mean with chook man?

SheilaF said...

C-G got a big hug today! Did some easy longreining this aft and I was thinking about the day at Keysoe when you were 'learning' to teach. We were your guinea pigs and do you remember the side of the indoor school starting to fall down?? That was a good start for us both!! Guess not impressed with Karl.... Missed the broadcast, but assume will get feedback online. Bev Brightman next week..... !!

trudi said...

oh happy days Sheila, Keysoe and MKEC were like second homes. Great guinea pigs you made!

HofC...Chook = chicken, KFC = kentucky fried chicken, KFH=(well you know this)Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling, in my small mind I think of KFH as KFC aka the ckook man.

Di said...

The way a persons mind works,I think my psychology degree could come in handy here, shifting of neural processes underlying learning and memory......hmmmmm ;-)