Sunday, January 1, 2012

phew, that's done then

Regular followers will already know that I'm not a truly festive person and thankfully as I sit here on January 1st it's all but over. It's been a lovely quiet time for us as a family and I've enjoyed it more than I probably care to admit! We've cooked together, eaten and drunk too much together and enjoyed some nice time with friends along the way but I'll be happy to get back into my regular routine tomorrow.

Christmas being dry and sunny we managed to film some interdressage entries and some hacking and playing over logs in the woods. Helen and her family came over and of course Lydia and Ali overdosed on pony fun whilst Cacahuète got double the attention but worked pretty hard to deserve it. After lunch Helen had a play on Moo, she was impressed with him and how light he was, quite a compliment as Helen is a stickler for manners!

Cacahuète sneaks a mouthful
 Tyres in the woods
 Ali and Cacahuète with his warpaint
 My fave small person!
 Too busy to catch action shots but Ali made a lovely go of the tyres, take my word for it

Yesterday was wet and dreary but we made the effort to tack up a damp Moo and Cacahuète. Lydia had a nice canter alongside Moo's slow trot which is getting more and more contained and inspite of the drizzle we enjoyed our hack, certainly blew the cobwebs away.


Wiola said...

I'm rather glad all festivities are over too ;) Very Happy New Year to you Trudi :)

Claire said...

shirtsleeve weather? i'm impressed!

Sarah said...

I enjoyed our family Christmas too. Hope 2012 is a good one for you -it certainly started off well with Lydia winning her class!

Mary Hunter said...

Looks like a great little pony you've got there! And cute too!! :)

And looks like everyone had a wonderful time. :)

Happy new year.