Sunday, January 15, 2012

onwards and upwards

Chapiro has ended his light duties for sure and has been ridden the last three days, I think he actually likes to be back into 'proper' work. I've just been riding for about 20 minutes after and in-hand or lunge session as he won't be too strong yet, we'll build up over the next few weeks.

I've ridden either in the bareback pad or the treed saddle as I do need to get Lydia on board more now and the Barefoot is too big for her. It feels strangely unsupportive after the treeless but he seems very happy in it.

Yesterday he was very sparky on the lunge and spooking everywhere but when I get on he seemed much calmer (thank goodness :o ). We worked on sideways and keeping the neck relaxed and then some trot work which already seems more energetic than it did a couple of days ago.

This is our work towards giravolta, I need to work lots on me but he's a star and very obliging.


Sarah said...

He looks lovely, Trudi. It's so hard to see all his energy on camera so I know although you make it look easy that you are containing a lot ;-) Good to see the gv in early stages -I must go back and do it a couple of steps at a time. He's like Mav -likes to work.

achieve1dream said...

He is so beautiful! Glad he's happy getting back into work. :)