Saturday, January 21, 2012

Chapiro's week

It's been all work for the young man this week and he's been a good boy, taking it all in his stride so to speak. The flexion work is continuing to reap rewards and it's following through to the ridden work. We've clicker trained the transitions a bit and we now have a trot that flows, just need to build some stamina. The lateral work is coming on and we even started a little travers. We hacked down the track and trotted back up the hill a couple of times after schooling and all of a sudden stamina wasn't an issue, lol.
The canter is improving on the lunge and we've ridden a few transitions in the school but maintaining the canter in the school is going to require more stamina training (spot the trend here).
Tonight we lunged over some small jumps which he really loves, he maintains a nice balance in the approach and makes a decent enough shape over them so it bodes well for him and Lydia in the future.

Lydia and Cacahuète have been enjoying their jumping and he also seems to be loving it


Sarah said...

I'd love to see some footage of Chapsi popping the jumps. Sounds like he's had a great week -that boy loves to have something to think about! Is he spooky on a hack or just energetic? He is going to be a superstar, I'm certain. Well done to Lydia and the pone too -they are such an adorable pair.

trudi said...

I'll set the camera up next time we jump! I'm just going to post about his spooking :)