Wednesday, November 3, 2010


It's quite strange but I'm struggling to blog! Since being inspired  by Claire to start blogging I've really enjoyed it but just lately it's been a bit of a chore. Di asked was I too busy to do the boys but no they've been working away well and making good progress, especially Moo. They are living out still with no rugs and as yet no need for hay, they have gorgeous fluffy coats and as long as I don't work them too late it doesn't matter that they get a little hot and sweaty. So on the horse front it couldn't be better.

On the renovation front we have practically finished indoors, how good it feels to have a home again you can only guess but it is making a big difference to all of us to be free of builders dust.

It's been toussaint holidays here and it's been great to get out with the family and enjoy the mild autumn weather, duck feeding at Brantôme is so good for the soul!

So I think it's just a phase, I will be back blogging regularly soon but maybe I'll get my arse into gear and write some stuff in my other place.


Claire said...

i'm finding it a struggle ATM, but no horse to report on and swimming is the same every night, LOL

English Rider said...

I've noticed a lot of bloggers have reduced their presence, me included. Life intervenes, which is as it should be.

Kate said...

If you feel like it, do it, and if you don't, don't. It's your life and your blog to do with as you will. Always love to hear from you, but there's no obligation.

Danni said...

What Kate said :)

Good to hear that everyone is well though!

trudi said...

Claire, your situation is understandable but I'm sure you'll have lots to be blogging about again soon, great news that your now discharged!

ER absolutely and thank goodness for family, do you know I hadn't thought about it but Lydia spends much more time on the yard with me now and perhaps having company eases the need for blogging!

No indeed Kate but I'm always committed to my projects and it's hard to not feel that I'm letting the side down (that would be my upbringing I guess)

Thanks Danni.

Di said...

Yes, get your arse in gear!!! ;-) x

allhorsestuff said...

Everyone is so sweet, then there is your bestest...saying -get that arse going!
I loved hearing of the wonderful horses and things going right just go right along and rest that arse if youe please!

Bloggin and anything for that matter..comes and goes, ebbs and flows, waxes and get the point!

Will be seeing you soon~