Monday, November 8, 2010

ducking out

Sunday's jumping lesson with Lydia and Cacahuète heralded a real breakthrough. We've been working on little grids with poles and very small jumps. The pone when too tired or lacking in sufficient confidence to actually jump will usually just stop dead in front of the fence. This week, however, he produced a magnificent duck at the last minute and ditched Lydia out of the side door. Wow I was so proud of that pony, he had the energy to actually duck and run when he thought he couldn't make it! I was very proud too of Lydia who just climbed back on and rode straight at the fence with none of her confidence dented and in a much better rhythm he managed the 50cm easily, LOL. The thought often crosses my mind that I should spoil her with a 'proper' pony but I think Cacahuète still has a thing or two to teach her.

Here's Moo at the weekend working on softness in the reinback, he's getting there but boy is he filthy. It's cold and wet today so they're all rugged up which frustrates me but the pone's too old to be getting cold and wet.


Di said...

Kudos for working today, when did you get the fine weather, it was peeing down here all day! I like the vid, Moo looks lovely and bendy, I think the reinback looks softer too.

allhorsestuff said...

Great video!
I really loved watching you two..he its so nice and responsive. The rein back is really looking good.
You've inspired me to remain ON THE GROUND longer and get nice results, like you have.
Moo was excited to get it right ~ his dingy ~dangy ~done hung out!

loved it! Thank you

Danni said...

Well done that girl!

Likewise I really like to your clips, I'm learning a lot from them and the positive changes in Moo are obvious. I like his colour scheme!