Sunday, November 14, 2010


Yesterday brought a reprieve from the perma-rain! The temperatures having dropped last week I had put the boys rugs on, by friday it had climbed to 15° C at 9.30am so I  derugged three sweaty neds; I truly hate rugs! Today, although it's still not cold, the rain is back with a vengeance. As well as hatred for rugs I also have hatred for November so it's unlikey they'll be working much for the time being.

Just for the record here is Moo looking, erm filthy LOL

Chapiro wanting to play with me!!

The sheltered corner at the bottom of the field

Pony's eye view of the sheltered corner!

The resting paddock that they will be able to graze when the perma-rain passes.

The paddock that we'll use for daily turnout when they start to overnight in the stables (hopefully not until after Christmas).

Cacahuète sunbathing.


Claire said...

i was thinking, cachuete must be getting on a bit?

trudi said...

yes he is Claire, 23 or there abouts! Not that you'd know from the way he bombs about the place!

Helen Barnes said...

Lovely paddocks you have, ours all resemble mud wallows.......and the horses are all filthy but apparently they like to be like that!

SheilaF said...

Just home from our lovely hols in deep south USA! My neds are plastered in mud and my field is an utter disgrace! I'm worried it won't really support the neds for the winter - even tho they are now having to come in at night. It might be a long winter..... At least it looks like your neds have grass!

trudi said...

Helen, you're right they do like to be dirty...ours too! I'm lucky with my paddocks but I guess we may get more rain than you being a bit further north, = more grass, not sure how much longer though as it's raining again!!!

No Sheila, not jealous...Florida ahh yes that was a previous life. Hope you had a lovely time.

Mandeigh said...

Such a gorgeous looking place

trudi said...

not unlike the UK Mand, get yer butt over and see for yourself!!!

Danni said...

Moo looks very handsome, dirty or not :) Your paddocks look fab for building muscle tone as they graze.

allhorsestuff said...

Gorgeous country views in those field/paddocks!