Saturday, April 14, 2012

Grand National Sadness

I'm trying so hard not to be reactionary here! As a kid I loved the atmosphere and attended many a NH race meeting with my Dad. Today I'm saddened yet again that horses die for OUR sport, it's just wrong. Nothing in life can be 100% safe but when only 15 from a field of 40 can finish (of which two had to be destroyed) then I just feel the price is too high.


Sarah said...

On the news this morning there was talk of making the fences 'safer' but horses will always lose their lives because they are being pushed beyond their limits. If a herd of horses were galloping that distance and jumping huge natural obstacles in the wild it would be because they were running for survival -they don't need to be pushed this hard just for man to enjoy the spectacle and win money on. I am upset by it ever year but this year seems even more poignant, with Synchronised almost not even starting the race -how I wish he hadn't passed the vetting after he spooked.

Di said...

Just seen your post Trudi. I've had my own little rant on my blog also. I just feel so sad that these beautiful horses are dying in the name of sport. Not just the Grand National, but the way the racing industry treats horses as a throw away commodity.