Wednesday, April 11, 2012

honest horse

In my head I have a plan. I see it clearly but I very much doubt my horse does. He comes to me with the honesty that is horse but sometimes it's so simple that I fail to see it.

Watching Lydia and Moo during their first attempt at clicker training tonight made me's so simple to see it when you can watch quietly from a distance. The horse knows what he is but it's our job to communicate what we want from the relationship. Please grant me the infinite patience required to communicate.


Di said...

Well said!
I'm sure my horse doesn't see or know my plan, but he has to deal with my doubt, insecurities and mistakes. Sometimes it's hard for me to carry on inflicting my ineptitudes on him. How long can I continue to whisper a 'sorry' into his ear as I dismount.
You have the knowledge and patience in abundance, I see your happy horses. x

Sarah said...

Ditto Di. Sometimes it is the best lesson of all to stand back and watch them with someone else. I was thinking about you before because I was waiting in the 'school' with Iz and I wasn't asking anything of her at all. Then she started offering reinback followed by flexions! I don't think I give her enough time to show me what she knows. I need to learn to stop and listen more.

trudi said...

Thanks Di, truly though I believe that they cope with us just as long as we're not full of bullshit and you're not!!! Ditto re your happy horses!

Sarah I just wish I had more time to sit back and let go but I'm human and feel pulled in every which way, I just try to do my best and you too, Iz understands!