Saturday, February 4, 2012

wot plan???

Did I say plan? Ah, what I meant to say was .....


Lydia and I are on a mission to put all our 'photos on disc before we move and today we found some very old ones of me.
Sadly the days of digital arrived too late for my childhood and my early years on horseback are scarcely visible in our family album but what I have I'll share.

Aged 2 and probably the first 'sit on'

Aged 4 (nearly 5) and all turned out for an 'occasion'

Rosettes won, why I had to show them off next to a 'mushroom' is anybodies guess!!

friend and pony....

and 'off out hunting' on a bay NOT a grey (that love must have come later!!)


Di said...

Lovely pics, you have beautiful red hair!

trudi said...

past tense Di, used to have! Now it's just fading to grey :(

allhorsestuff said...

Trudi, loved this strolling down the memory-lane of horse live's beginnings!!
That one, on The pony bareback with a friend...could see you abandoning the helmet( on ground nearby) so both of you were all glory and natural!

Claire said...

"before you move"?

trudi said...

Thanks KK.

Yep we're off to Exmoor when we sell the house Claire.