Friday, February 3, 2012

time to think

I realise many of you bloggers live in cold climes and usually I'm not one to moan but after the mildest winter in the last 8 it's hit me hard to be down into minus figures during the day.

The school is frozen solid and the tracks lumpy and bumpy so real work is out and my fingers just don't seem to work to even get some clicker going in the yard.  I really must invest in some wool, knickers and socks would be a good start.

The problem for me is motivation. The last couple of weeks I've been very motivated and riding most days but then a few days of bitter cold weather and I'm sidelined and frustrated. So this week-end I need a plan. Perhaps the plan should be to make a plan. I'll let you know what the plan is just as soon as I've worked that one out for myself.


Di said...

Hmmm, I thought it was a rumour that you didn't wear socks or knickers!!

Same lack of motivation here - even the horses are not keen on being out!

Helen Barnes said...

My motivation for doing something today was the kids trying to kill each other in the house, had to get them out in the cold, even managed to practise some laterals with Fina on our walk!!

allhorsestuff said...

Well I'm hearing you there with bitter cold and motivations.... My nemesis( since I have hoof boots/quarter sheets/ ear crotchet for mare) "FITS" windpro breeches, Mountain Horsrs tall ,fleece lined boots-warm- and horse riding mittens) cold AND Rain.

I THINK sometimes...its natural to take breaks

Hang in with your brain, and taking breaks, that's the real plan