Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Weekend Horses

At the week-end Lydia and I were invited to visit about 2.5 hours south for a friendly competition/get together organised by Helen . In spite of a rather drizzly day (can you believe we had not a drop at home even though it's badly needed) we arrived as the riders were coming back from the orienteering part of the Trec, it was great to finally meet all these folks that I've known 'virtually' for a while. After a super curry for lunch the competitors started on the 'obstacles', a couple of small jumps, bending poles, ducking under a line of flags, walking over tarp etc After the girls had finished Lydia was very lucky to have a go on Polo, who was a superstar (thanks Hollie), and then got to play with Gandalph, Chester and Seraphina. It was a lovely day and really fired Lydia up. Thanks Helen and all the gang who made us feel so welcome. On Sunday Lydia and I worked Chapiro and he was a little star, it's hard for him to adapt to her as I use a lot of voice aiding and of course Lydia's aiding is slightly different but he coped well. After some pole work in walk and trot we then raised the poles so he was having to really lift and stretch, Lydia finished with her first canter on him and a daft grin on her face! Good week-end, Lydia and Polo (receiving sustenance from Tanya).

Ali and Seraphina on the course

Big 'G' (Lydia's fave)

A short, badly filmed video (I was too busy chatting oops)


Di said...

Looks like a great day, I'm glad Lydia enjoyed herself. I noticed the glass of red wine and loved the technical terms to move his bloomin arse!!

trudi said...

lol, I thought I'd taken the sound off. I sound like a blinkin' Pony Club mum!

allhorsestuff said...

Oh my, that was fun! Loved the busy filming commentary too- with wine!

samihob said...

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Helen Barnes said...

Thanks, Trudi, Big G is my favourite too...... :-)