Sunday, September 11, 2011

finding the balance

We've enjoyed a good week although, as ever, the weather has been at extremes. Moo has stayed perfectly sound and we started a little canter work again, if it all falls apart again then I know it's the canter causing the problems.

Chapsi has had some good sessions, trotting up our steep hill,  one using trotting poles which really helped him to pick up behind and then yesterday our best ridden session so far. It's a long way from perfect but I'm really excited that the things I've played with have actually worked. Chapsi is a little straight moving behind and so I'm focussing on getting the hocks moving and the pelvis tilting so that we ultimately end up with good lift through the withers and shoulders alongside a soft neck. Ordinarily this wouldn't phase me in the least but this is the first time I've attempted this without a bit. I'm still struck (or should that read shocked) by how many people will tell you that they only work from the back to the front and the hand has the lightest feeling when quite obviously when you see them work it isn't :(  am I being unrealistic thinking that this CAN be achieved without a bit, am I just too darned picky on what the true picture of lightness is?? I think I may cover this in a separate post.

So here is a video of Chapsi yesterday, I admit there are huge holes in his balance, he swings his quarters at times, loses his shoulders and we're not 'round' all the time but the energy and oomph are coming, perhaps we will find some paces in there!!! Oh and excuse lardy bum riding....I AM on a diet!


Di said...

"am I being unrealistic thinking that this CAN be achieved without a bit"

I can't believe the quality of the work you're achieving without a bit, well actually I can believe it, I'm not surprised at all!
I often look at so called examples of lightness and am disappointed so I'm with you there.

Claire said...

i don't know - but worth the attempt. i rather think i read about other people trying this, rather think there was someone on EE living in Saudi...

trudi said...

Thanks Di, you are way too kind!

Claire, I do believe quite a few may have but certainly the ones I've found seem to go more for the pootling on a long rein and less thought towards the ultimate aim of collection (nothing wrong with that if that's their intention) I don't know about the person in Saudi, I'll perhaps try a search on EE, thanks for that :)