Thursday, April 28, 2011

best laid and all that

That's the things with plans, they go awry! Plan today was to have time for both but Chapsi had a swollen fly bite between his thighs (think golf ball) and it seemed unfair to do anything too energetic so we just had a groom and massage/stretch.

Moo had an energetic session (mmm well an expanding waistline requires a little work) and we had some relaxed trot work, canter transitions starting on the lunge and then free. He was a good lad.

Cacahuète had his second session (just on the yard) of clicker with me and he is one cutey, he's catching on quickly.


Claire said...

nasty place for a fly bite...

cachuete and clicker sounds interesting!

trudi said...

I'm hoping it might help with his timidity Claire, he's such a lovely pone but so terrified of 'big' people if they move to fast or get too close.